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Disappeared in the waters of the Black Sea during its last military campaign in November 1941, Sht-211 was discovered in Varna Bay by divers-hunters of sea snails rapana in 2000 to become one of the most popular wreck dives in Bulgarias Black Sea coast.

Usually one dive is enough to explore the whole submarine. With its dimensions and length – 58.8 m. Width – 6.2 m, height 4.0 m and lies at a depth of 24 meters about 8 miles southeast of the port of Varna. The bow section was most likely blown by an explosion and lays only a few meters away.

Diving the Sht-211 does not require any special training, but due to the depth and likelihood of reduced visibility and low water temperature, divers must hold Advanced Open Water Diver certificate and it is recommended to have experience in such conditions.

For real wreck lovers we can offer more pieces of the historical puzzle of World War II such as the Romanian destroyer “Prince Carol” and the transport ship “Pelesh”, as well as the legendary Soviet submarine Sh-204 “Minoga” and sunken during the First World War Russian destroyer “Lieutenant Pushchin” and the first Bulgarian submarine UB-8.

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