Diving is an activity that perfectly combines an active lifestyle and complete relaxation, and is also an opportunity to make new acquaintances and enjoy the silent but at the same time incredibly attractive underwater world.

Quality equipment for rent
Apart from being extremely interesting, however, scuba diving is often a dangerous activity. It is very important to ensure your safety when practicing diving through quality equipment. Barracuda Diving School provides diving equipment and equipment for rent, which will make your experience underwater truly unforgettable.

Diving equipment rental
At the Barracuda Diving School you can find a complete set of all the equipment you need to explore the underwater world:

mask, fins and snorkel;

neoprene suit;


breathing machine;

diving computer;

compensatory vest;

compass, etc.

Filling bottles
Barracuda Diver School offers refilling of 10, 12, 15, 18 and 20 liter bottles.

The neoprene suit for rent
Every detail of the diver’s equipment is important, but the neoprene suit is especially important. It is an integral part of diving equipment. The neoprene suit provides thermal insulation and protects the swimmer from the negative impact of the environment (sea animal bites, cuts, abrasions).

Mask and snorkel for rent
Barracuda Diving School offers high-quality masks for rent, which provide eye protection when diving, clear visibility underwater and breathing through the nose. They are accompanied by fins, which ensure the smooth movement of the diver underwater. Most fins are made of rubber and plastic.

Underwater lantern for rent
The powerful lantern is very important for the diver, especially when diving at night. The water is completely dark and the lantern is the only source of light that can provide visibility to the diver underwater.

High quality equipment
Trust the experience and professionalism of our instructors and the high quality of diving equipment and get ready to discover a new universe that lies beneath the sea surface!
With quality diving equipment and equipment for rent from the diving school “Barracuda” you will get the amazing opportunity to master the intricacies of diving.