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About Us

Welcome to the inn of this site!

If you share the Rousseaus slogan Back to Nature!, then plunge into this information lagoon of ours. It would be helpful to you. Leastwise, wash the dust and the piercing smog of the civil living away of you.

One cannot go back to Nature on foot. He dives back into Nature. Because it is life and life is born in the Great Water. And if you want to see and touch its bosom, the very primal nature of this life you should put on not your shoes but your flippers.

In fact, quite more things are needed. We have them all. We are Baracuda and the sea is our realm.

It is quiet, pure, nice, different, interesting and comfortable under water.

Welcome to the Baracuda (candidate) divers school. Because we are not only shopkeepers and traders
baracudadive.com baracudadive.com
baracudadive.com baracudadive.com
baracudadive.com baracudadive.com

As a one-man company created by Todor Markov Baracuda has jumped into the market deep in 1990. Its founder is a many-year professional diver (from 1965); in 1993 he becomes the first Bulgarian to gain an instructors degree at PADI (the Professional Association of Diving Instructors). At that, in the film Mecca Cannes, France, where the seat of the most renowned instructors training college (IT College) in Europe is.

From 1994 Baracuda is an exclusive representative of the Italian concern H.T.M.SportS.p.A.Mares (because of a lack of oxygen to allow the pronouncing of this long abbreviation, it is enough to say Mares) in Bulgaria. The company offers professional diving equipment and appliances also of the Dacor, Sporasub, as well as Bauer Kompressoren trade-marks all being old salts with world market fame, deserved for their high-quality products.

In 2004 Baracuda has been re-registered as a Ltd. Co with manager Steffan Markov - also a PADI-professional from 2002.

The address of the companys shop: 43, Gen. Gurko St., 9000 Varna, BG.

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